Fundraising Ideas

Empower Orphans is powered by YOU.  Not every person is able to adopt an orphaned or abandoned child, but EVERYONE has the power to empower an orphan.  The below information provides you with a few fundraising ideas to get you started.  Thank you for getting involved and making a difference in the life of an orphaned child.

Children easily relate to other children.  By getting kids involved in Empower Orphans, they learn a valuable life-lesson: that there is a world beyond school, sports and homework; that there are other children who are needy and who deserve attention and help; that even small steps can make a big difference.

  • Earn money for chores that can be donated to Empower Orphans.
  • Put away a portion of your allowance money and donate it to Empower Orphans.
  • Create crafts (hand made cards and gifts) for the holidays – great for fundraising among neighbors and school friends.
  • Bake Sales
  • Yard Sales - raise money by selling gently used toys and books (things owned by children so they feel involved).
  • Host talent nights (dance, music, plays, magic tricks) within small circles of friends – everyone loves to see children performing. Raise money through ticket collections.
  • Host kid-friendly contests for charity (perhaps hold a silent auction after the contest). Contests could include art, lego building, play dough/clay sculptures, puppet making, storytelling, story writing, chess, checkers – let the kids free their spirit and hearts all at once.  Raise money through suggested donation as part of the contest entry.
  • Go beyond your immediate social circle and approach local schools, places of worship etc. to spread the word.
  • Create educational materials in class and present information about Empower Orphans to other grades at school.
  • Set up a popsicle, juice or lemonade stand and raise funds along with friends asking passersby to donate.
  • Sell Empower Orphans plastic bracelets.
  • Donate the contents of your households loose change jar

Empower Orphans is looking to start teams and get involved with other student groups on college campuses. Students are a key component to helping to Empower Orphans into a true grassroots movement. Some examples of how to create awareness and raise funds on college campuses are:

  • Group Dinners
  • Charity Fashion Shows
  • Raffles
  • Athletic Tournaments (Bowling, dance marathons, etc.)
  • Bake Sales
  • Charity Auctions
  • Walkathons
  • Fundraising Parties
  • Donate old cellphones

Donate to Empower Orphans in lieu of favors (For the Bride and Groom)

A donation in lieu of favors is a beautiful way to thank your guests for sharing this special day with you. Make a donation to Empower Orphans and let us know your's and your fiancé's name.  We will then send you a personalized file that you can print for your wedding tables.





Buy favors

Visit our website and shop for wine charms.  These are pre-packed in favor bags and make great gifts.





Make a special gift donation (For Wedding Guests)

Make a donation in name of the bride and groom and we will send an email acknowledgement of your gift to them.


Promote Empower Orphans on your Web Site
You can promote Empower Orphans on your websites (personal, business, blogs or social networks).  Just cut and paste the code below into your website.

<a href="http://www.empowerorphans.org"><img height="80" width="345" src="http://www.empowerorphans.org/userfiles/logomedium.jpg"></a>


<a href="http://www.empowerorphans.org"><img height="46" width="200" src="http://www.empowerorphans.org/userfiles/logosmall.jpg" /></a>

Other Ways to Promote Empower Orphans Online

  • Insert a link to EmpowerOrphans.org in your e-mail signature
  • If you comment on blogs or in discussion forums, link to EmpowerOrphans.org in your user name
  • Use our "Tell A Friend' feature to inform your friends about our website.

Download documents and customize for your fundraising activities.